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Cranes are required in all major projects which require lifting and relocation of heavy materials. It can be a construction or in the transport facility for loading and unloading of freight. Cranes exist in an enormous variety of forms – each tailored to a specific use. EMT Trading provides cranes specific to your project, new or used according to your project requirement.

Mobile Crane / All Terrain Crane (3126)

A mobile crane is "a cable-controlled crane mounted on crawlers or rubber-tired carriers" or "a hydraulic-powered crane with a telescoping boom mounted on truck-type carriers or as self-propelled models." They are designed to easily transport to a site and use with different types of load and cargo with little or no setup or assembly.

Tower Crane (738)

Tower cranes are a modern form of balance crane that consist of the same basic parts. Fixed to the ground on a concrete slab (and sometimes attached to the sides of structures as well), tower cranes often give the best combination of height and lifting capacity and are used in the construction of tall buildings. The base is then attached to the mast which gives the crane its height. Further the mast is attached to the slewing unit (gear and motor) that allows the crane to rotate. On top of the slewing unit there are three main parts which are: the long horizontal jib (working arm)

Self Erecting Crane (591)

Generally a type of tower crane, these cranes, also called self-assembling, jack-up, or "kangaroo" cranes, lift themselves from the ground or lift an upper, telescoping section using jacks, allowing the next section of the tower to be inserted at ground level or lifted into place by the partially erected crane itself. They can thus be assembled without outside help, and can grow together with the building or structure they are erecting.

Crawler Crane (627)

A crawler is a crane mounted on an undercarriage with a set of tracks (also called crawlers) that provide stability and mobility. Crawler cranes range in lifting capacity from about 40 to 3,500 short tons. Crawler cranes have both advantages and disadvantages depending on their use. Their main advantage is that they can move around on site and perform each lift with little set-up, since the crane is stable on its tracks with no outriggers. In addition, a crawler crane is capable of traveling with a load. The main disadvantage is that they are very heavy, and cannot easily be moved from one job site to another without significant expense. Typically a large crawler must be disassembled and moved by trucks,

Dockside Crane (30)

Located on the ships and boats, these are used for cargo operations or boat unloading and retrieval where no shore unloading facilities are available. Most are diesel-hydraulic or electric-hydraulic. Huge cranes on docks are shown in operation moving various types of cargo on and off ships. Cranes pick up large crates & move them. Pan on a big scoop hanging from crane as it swings around; dumps load of loose dark powdery stuff into open.

Auxiliary Crane (198)

Designed to operate where port facilities are limited or damaged to transfer cargo between themselves, other vessels, and piers. Capable of lifting containers and other cargo. These are used to unload cargo from their own holds as well from other vessels at port facilities

Timber Loader (48)

Timber trailer with a loader is an easy to use and effective way to transport logs from the forest to roadside or yard. The trailer is coupled to normal trailer coupling and the loader unit is connected to rear auxiliary hydraulics. Simple connecting means the system is easy to connect and disconnect. The timber trailer can be equipped with hydraulic 4wd which is operated with hydraulic traction roller feed. This improves offroad capabilities drastically, which is often important when driving in forest. The feed and it’s direction is controlled with an electric toggle switch on. The timber loader can be equipped with a remote controlled winch, which reduces the need to move the loader/trailer unit in the forest. Thanks to the remote controll unit it is also easy to use with only one operator.

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