A Permanent Pothole Solution

Modern Spray Injection Technology for Potholes, Alligator Cracks, Shoulders and Washouts. Parking Lots, Residential Roads, Highways and Interstates.

Spray Injection

Letting compressed air do the job of three men.

Instead of men with shovels, tampers and hot mix, the DuraPatcher system cleans the area, applies a tack coat, sprays the emulsion/ aggregate mix into the pothole with sufficient force to compact the material as it is applied and then follows with dry aggregate to prevent lifting.

The Most Cost Efficient, Fastest Repair Method.

  • Cut material costs in half
  • Fix and forget potholes no repeat repairs
  • More repairs in a day with less labor
  • Recognized by the Strategic Highway
  • Research Program (SHRP) as the most
  • durable and cost efficient repair method.

Two ways to Successful DuraPatching: A Simple, Low-Maintenance Design Used by Thousands Worldwide.

  • Cut material costs in half
  • Patented Venturi Feed System
  • John Deere Diesel Engine
  • No-Stress Boom and Operator Controls


blow-vac air conveyor

  • Inlet funnel for holding aggregate before aggregate enters air stream
  • Inlet slide gate is opened and closed by a single 83mm dia./100mm stroke air ram. The air ram is actuated by a 12 v. air solenoid valve controlled by remote switch located on operators handle.
  • Inlet funnel has safety screen welded in place. Allows aggregate up to 60mm dia. to pass through hose without clogging.
  • 125-DJTE: gravity feed from tipper truck to inlet funnel through 13cm dia. flex hose (approx. 60cm long)
  • 125-DJTM: gravity feed from hopper (with vibrator and dual slide gates for safety and inspection)


John Deere water-cooled diesel engine
74 BHP Interim Tier 4 Compliant


1. Heavy-duty continuous pressure with governor regulator valve set at 5-6.5 Bar. produces 0.42 m³.
2. Bolted directly to engine auxiliary drive, eliminating belts and pulleys